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Newcomers and Visiting Scholars



NVS stands for Newcomers and Visiting Scholars. 

People are coming and leaving all the time. The faces are changing; some of them stay for years and others only for a week. But, there is a small team who are always there. Often invisible fairies, on tiny shoulders of whom lay all the responsibility of well-being, creating interesting times for all who are new to Cambridge.  

They are always smiling, welcoming and supportive, they take care of us and create a safe and inspiring atmosphere. They know the answers to so many questions and are always in a good mood, with open hearts.   

But, who is standing behind?  Each is unique and has a story to tell.  Please meet the NVS volunteers and hear their stories.  

Dasha Tenditna, Photographer


You can view Dasha's photos by clicking HERE for current volunteers and HERE for past volunteers.