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Newcomers and Visiting Scholars


All members are welcome to come along to any of the groups listed below.  You can book your tickets to most of the groups by going through our events calendar  If you have any questions, please contact

Most events take place during term time dates, not through the University vacation weeks.


Afternoon Teas

Co-ordinator: Volunteers

Our volunteers invite our members into their homes to experience this very British ritual. A great opportunity to meet other NVS members and get to know our volunteers. 

Afternoon Tea was introduced in Britain in the early 1840s; it began as a small meal to delay hunger before the evening meal.

Around the World with Women Writers

Co-ordinator: Group Facilitator Inci Egeli Wellings- Longmore

Around the World with Women Writers is a participant led lively and friendly international forum for those who are interested in women writers from around the world.  The group comes together on selected Fridays in person and on  Zoom to discuss the texts they have read, sharing opinions and thoughts. The discussions are conducted in English. Over the past year they have hosted the international poets Jennifer Harrison, Sandra Beasley, Judith Nangala Crispin, Senem Gokel, Michelle Meredyth-Stewart, Eftychia Stamatopoulou, amongst many others.  This is a great way to connect with others who share a love of reading and a wonderful opportunity to see things from another perspective.

Please contact Inci, the group facilitator, directly, for details and copies of the texts for the next meeting's discussion at

Art Class for Children

Co-ordinator: Nicole Keshav

Making something together with others is inspiring, and this is especially true with art. Many people think of drawing as a skill, sometimes a daunting one, but Nicole's goal is to make drawing fun and relaxing for your child. While  focusing on  a particular skill, she emphasizes personal expression and sharing ideas. The process of making is at least as important as the final outcome. Whether your picture is just for your child or something you'll share, making it is time well spent with others. 

We hope to see you and your child in our drawing group. Please bring a sketchbook of any size and a favourite pencil, pen, or coloured pencils. 

***Please note this class is for children 9 years and above and parent or guardian are required to be with the child in the room during class.***

Art for all Levels

Co-ordinator: Nicole Keshav

Bring your favourite sketchbook, art materials, or just pencil and paper and join the Art for All group. Some materials will be available. We will draw and paint with watercolour to observe and connect with our surroundings.  While drawing we try to mindfully stay in the moment, without  attachment to the final result.  Over time, our drawing skills and confidence improve.  

Skills taught during the term include: Edges and Lines, Negative Space, Perspective and Proportion, Light and Shadows, Composition, Dry Brush, and Wet-on-Wet.

This group is for all levels of skill and experience, for adults only

Cambridge Leisurely Walk

Co-ordinator: Simone Castello

Simone invites you to join her for a leisurely walk to discover Cambridge. This will be an informal walk, when pushchairs and children are welcome too: stroll along with new friends and enjoy the time together. Date and times announced in the Newsletter and via Facebook.

Cambridge Traditional English Pub Visit

Co-ordinator: Jonathan Collis

Come and join us for a visit to one of Cambridge's traditional pubs. There is no need to book, just meet Jonathan Collis outside Great St Mary’s Church, CB2 3PQ, near the Senate House at 17.30.  This is a great opportunity to meet others.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Cambridge Walking Tour

Co-ordinator: Lindsey Payne

Expert tour guides  will be taking NVS members on a walking tour of Cambridge on selected dates. The walks will be on Tuesdays after the talk ends and last around an hour.  Members will be told which dates and where to meet in the newsletter and our Facebook page.


Children's Storytelling

Co-ordinator: Melendra

What is the best way to develop a deep, lifelong passion for reading?

Even once children can read by themselves, studies show that reading aloud to children is the answer.  At each storytelling session, I read 3 or 4 picture books live, sharing the wonderful illustrations as I go. Each session is organised around a theme and includes a mix of stories that are humorous, exciting, and sweet. Click here to see a short taster video.



College Evensong

Co-ordinator: Jonathan Collis

Most Cambridge colleges have chapels, and virtually all of these have choirs. Everyone has heard of King's College choir, but less well known are choirs which can hold their own with the great cathedrals, singing in chapels which vary from the grandeur of St John’s and Trinity to the intimacy of Jesus and Clare. What is more, it is free to attend and a service only lasts about 40 minutes. Join Jonathan Collis as he takes you to a different college each week to introduce you to College Evensong.

Cookery Group

Co-ordinator: Naheed Kandil

The Cookery Group will have 2 to 3 classes each term where a different cuisine is cooked each time. Participants will help in making the dishes and enjoy a meal together.

Booking is required and there is a fee for the ingredients.

Crochet & Knit

Co-ordinator: Sabah Zeeshan

Whether you are experienced in crochet, a long-time knitter, or trying it out for the first time, join our group on Thursdays from 10:00-12:00. Everyone is welcome, crochet or knitting is not essential. Most materials will be provided.  

Children are welcome!

Cultural Discussion Group

Co-ordinator: Gail Featherstone


Would you like to discuss interesting topics from a multi-cultural perspective?  Come and join Gail for a lively discussion in a friendly and welcoming environment.  This is a unique opportunity to learn about different perspectives from around the world – and to discover that we are often more alike than different.  A new topic is chosen each session for discussion. There’s no need to worry about your English language proficiency; in this friendly group you will soon feel confident enough to contribute.  We will send further information once you have signed up.  Please sign up via ticketsource here:

*Please note this group is for adults only

English Conversation

Co-ordinator: Gill Maynard & Gail Featherstone

Whatever your level of English, you’re welcome to join our friendly and informal conversation group. We meet every Tuesday in full term at 9.45 am in the Riverside Suites, first floor of the University Centre.

We take a different topic each week, chosen by members, and share ideas in small discussion groups. You’ll find out more about life and attitudes in the UK and other countries and make new friends while improving your English.

Come and join us!

Film Point

Co-ordinator: Dasha Tenditna

"Film Point" is a group designed for film enthusiasts who share a deep love for the world of cinema. The group meets weekly on Wednesday evenings.  Following the screening, members will have the unique opportunity to engage in thoughtful and reflective conversations. These discussions revolve around the film just viewed, allowing participants to share their thoughts and insights.