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Newcomers and Visiting Scholars



It was wonderful to have the tremendous social support that NVS provides. Please keep up the good work. We are grateful for everything.” Yasemin & Aydin

"I would have attended more activities should I have stayed longer. I met friendly people and made me feel really welcome. Thanks for doing such an amazing job."


I want to thank everyone on the Newcomers Team for helping me during my sabbatical year. As an Academic Visitor in a new social environment, the warmth and kindness they gave us, helped me to fit in, and to feel more comfortable and familiar with the people and the city. And meanwhile, we learned about the culture, traditions, and customs. But the most essential is the friendship they offer. I think they made the most beautiful and unforgettable time we spend in Cambridge and the University. Thank you for your work, your passion for helping us, and the support that makes life better. The best wishes from Mexico.”Álvaro Fernández, Academic Visitor 2022-2023 

"Amazing initiative. It was wonderful to be included in Cambridge life as a visitor and meet new people. Keep up the incredible work!"


Without NVS, without wonderful moments and connections during my experience in Cambridge! I can feel the passion and dedication from the working team, for every event and each activity. The schedule of each term keeps updated, bring new things, and operate excellence! If I come back Cambridge again, one of the reasons is NVS and the team!” X. Liu

  "NVS is doing a great job and people involved are really friendly."

I am just finishing a six months' stay in Cambridge. The newcomers and visiting scholars program has been wonderful. I made new friends and felt extremely welcomed and had so much fun doing the events that NVS organises. I went to the art class and actually drew a picture of my cat, which I am extremely pleased with, and I also enjoyed the crochet and knitting, yoga, the walks around Cambridge and the coffee mornings. I went on one trip to the University farm and there was so much more I could’ve done but the most valuable thing has been the welcome and new friends. This is the first time I’ve been at a university where there has been such an organisation and it has made such a difference. I could’ve felt isolated and alone and simply got on with doing my own things but I actually had a lot of fun which was delightful.  Thank you so much to all of you. You have some incredibly dedicated and lovely volunteers and I am so grateful.” Sarah Lionheart, Jan-July 2023

"I enjoyed a very warm welcome from NVS and it was great to know that the network was there should I need it. I didn’t manage to make it to any in person events, regrettably, but I was buoyed to see the frequency and variety of events advertised. It is a very good initiative."


I wish to express my profound gratitude to you and all the people that volunteer their time and efforts at the NVS. Getting into a new country is always a difficult and somehow daunting task. Being greeted with a warm smile and a cup of tea goes a long way in making you feel welcome. And all the activities you organize are an incredible way to build some connection with the city and the people inside, in the alas too little time of a visiting period.” Alessandro

  "It was a very engaging experience, by which I made many friends and learned a lot about Cambridge. I am very grateful to Cambridge University for providing this opportunity."

Thank you for your gracious hospitality last year when we were at Cambridge for my sabbatical. You enriched our year tremendously.”  Andrea Casson & Glen Milstein

 "Thank you and all the NVS volunteers for your work! It was nice to have supportive people around me, opportunities to improve listening/speaking English, find new friends and learn about Cambridge, English society and also about international things.  NVS people helped me to feel good, welcomed and to discover a lot of nice things in Cambridge. Due to the NVS, I spent a lovely and enjoying time in Cambridge. Thank you guys so much!" Tereza