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Newcomers and Visiting Scholars




NVS Quilt - Andrea Bronskill writes:

A photo book, “NVS Quilt Makers and Their Inspirations” is in preparation to accompany the NVS quilt. You can view or download the contents of the book by clicking here

Or copy and paste this link into your browser:

It is a HUGE file so please be patient with it downloading. To save a copy of the e-book. members can download and save the file to their desk tops etc.



*  Christopher Johnson writes about rowing in Cambridge:

Rowing on the river: conditions.
•Their conditions are as follows:
•they only want to help beginners ('novices')
•they only do sculling (with 2 oars), mostly in singles, but sometimes in doubles or quads
•they do not enter competitions
•therefore, proficient rowers or people who want to 'sweep' row in Eights or to participate in competitions should join one of the other town clubs or we may be able to introduce them to a graduate college like Wolfson
•they have a waiting list for initial coaching and assessing/confirming competence; we don't know how long this is, but it might involve 1 or 2 months.
•initial coaching costs £30 and this includes a capsize drill and swim test. Thereafter they charge £37 per quarter.
•once coached, participants would be expected to become members of the Club and help out generally like other members.
•Contact Christopher for more information or to put your name on the waiting list: janosfy@gmail.comor 07785 296 225

Learning to row on the river
•A club called “Camrowers”
•( has agreed to train up to 4 members of NVS who do not have access to College clubs.
•Camrowerswere established to introduce older townspeople to rowing, and are prepared to help NVS out. Their arrangements are cheaper and more flexible than the other Town clubs.
•They have 6 sessions a week -at 9.30 & 11.15 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.Most members row once a week but a few come more often.