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Newcomers and Visiting Scholars


Celebrate the NVS’s 50th Anniversary - Be part of our new global project:

A tile wall installation at the Eddington Campus, Cambridge

Our aim is to create a tile wall installation at the Eddington Campus using images provided by you, reflecting your experiences with NVS in Cambridge.  Follow the 3--step guide and send your picture to Andrea. She will create the tile so you can leave your mark on Cambridge for years to come.

Theme: “Oh Cambridge, how I love thee”

1. Find something that you love in Cambridge. It can be anything: person, place, thing, even an idea.

2. Take a digital photograph of what you love using your phone, iPad or digital camera

3. Send it to Andrea Bronskill, in Jpg format with as high a resolution as possible

Advice from Andrea: • I will be gluing a print of your photo to a square shaped tile. Make sure I can crop or trim your image into a square shape. If the subject of your photo is long and skinny like a tower or long boat, some of your work will get chopped off.

• Remember, your finished tile will only be 150mm X 150mm. The finished wall installation will be, have 100 tiles, viewed from across the room, which means small details will not be seen. For instance, if you want to show that you love the Cambridge cows, make sure your art has a close-up of the cow not a tiny cow in the middle of a field. • While colourful tiles would be nice, black and white art is just fine.

• Art from Children is welcome as long as it works with our theme.

• You are welcome to use filters, like the ones on Instagram, on your photos.

• Please send your photo in Jpg format with as high a resolution as possible to Andrea Bronskill at The original file from your phone or camera is best.

• Please include in your email: Full Name, email address, the country you are from, and a short statement of why you chose your image. Eventually a book will be created documenting the tiles and those who contributed to the project.

• There is no charge to be part of this project. If you would like to have another tile made as a souvenir I will make one for you for £5.00. This money will help pay for this project.


NVS Quilt - Andrea Bronskill writes:

A photo book, “NVS Quilt Makers and Their Inspirations” is in preparation to accompany the NVS quilt. You can view or download the contents of the book by clicking here

Or copy and paste this link into your browser:

It is a HUGE file so please be patient with it downloading. To save a copy of the e-book. members can download and save the file to their desk tops etc.